Portugal Job Seeker Visa: Your Ultimate Guide

In June 2022, Portugal implemented the Job Seeker Visa. It aims to reduce the scarcity of skilled labour in the nation. With this visa, people can travel to Portugal. They can stay there while looking for work in their field. This visa lets its holders apply for residence permits and work visas. These may lead to permanent residency in Portugal.

The visa holder may apply for a residence permit. This lets them keep working if they do well at their job. The job seeker visa has a 120-day expiration date and is renewable for a further 60 days.

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Portugal Job Seeker Visa

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Requirements For Portugal Job Seeker Visa

  • Application for a Visa
  • A passport that is up to date
  • Two current passport-sized pictures
  • Check of criminal history by the appropriate Immigration and Border Services
  • Reliable travel insurance
  • Ticket for return flight
  • Evidence of enough funds to cover three minimum monthly salaries
  • Proof of lodging for the duration of the required stay
  • The statement of purpose, or SOP. The statement outlines the terms of the stay. It also outlines the applicant’s plans for activities in Portugal. It says where he/she want to stay and look for work.
  • Academic, technical, and educational qualification credentials that have been attested.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV) / resume
  • Declaration of Expressions of Interest for IEFP Registration
  • This visa does not require the IELTS.

Visa Application Process

You must first fill out an online declaration of interest form. You can find it on this link.

The application’s main goal is to show that you will join the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training. You will do this to seek a job. Once you are admitted into Portuguese territory, you will do this.

You must choose your skilled profession. Then, enter your passport information in the application. After the IEFP approves it, you will get an email confirming your request.

Remember, this permission is required to apply for the Portugal Job Seeker Visa. It isn’t a visa by itself. You can move forward with your actual visa application if the IEFP has approved it.

How to apply

Go to the embassy’s or the visa application center’s website. Choose the “Job seeker” visa type. Gather all required documentation by the document checklist. Fill out the application and send it in. Locate the closest VFS Global, Portuguese Embassy, or Consulate. After you have an answer, schedule a meeting. On the set date, submit the needed paperwork. If required, attend the visa interview.

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