Canada’s REP Program: Streamlining Foreign Worker Hiring

Canada is starting the Recognized Employer Pilot (REP). It will help businesses hire foreign nationals in Canada. That is through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP).

Starting in September 2023, employers in the main agricultural sector can apply for the REP. They can get it in time for the 2024 season. That marks the first big shift in the program. It will start in January 2024. Employers from other industries can apply for the REP’s second stage. They will accept applications for both streams up until September 2024.

Canada's REP Program

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What is Canada’s REP Program

REP is a new pilot. The Canadian government will make it available. Employers in the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program find hiring easier. It will be less bureaucratic. Businesses that have a track record of adhering to program standards.

To be eligible for REP, employers need at least three positive LMIAs for the same job. They must have had them in the past five years. Furthermore, jobs should be from a list of in-shortage jobs. The list should use data from the Canadian Occupational Projection System (COPS).

Recognized employers under the REP will benefit from a few things. LMIAs stand to gain the most from this. Up to 36 months’ worth of LMIAs will be available to employers.

What Is LMIA

Completing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is the key. It is one of Canada’s most essential steps in hiring foreign workers. In this procedure, we prioritize Canadian citizens and permanent residents. That protects the country’s labor market.

LMIA is a report published by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). It assesses the effects of employing a foreign national in Canada.

They are evaluating whether any Canadians or permanent residents can fill the role. The results of the LMIA are the major factor in the hiring decisions of foreign nationals. A positive LMIA result means that no qualified Canadian is available.

How to Apply for REP 

Employers likely to meet the requirements will be invited to join the REP. Unlike a standard LMIA, the dual-purpose LMIA will invite them to apply. Employers may request the same application to apply for the LMIA. They may also use it to apply for recognized status under REP.

ESDC will decide if the employee can get the REP. That is based on the employer’s past participation in the TFW Program. An employer can still use the TFW Program even if they are not granted recognized status. The department will also keep evaluating its LMIA.

Here’s how to apply and what to expect from the process. Stage One starts in September 2023. Employers in Primary Agriculture can start taking applications for the 2024 season. They can do this at that time. Phase Two starts in January 2024. It is open to all other industries. Applications for both streams will be accepted through September 2024.

LMIA Online Portal: Fill out your application. Then, please send it to ESDC using this safe platform.

Email Submission: You can email a PDF application form to ESDC. You can do this if you have a valid exemption from the LMIA Online Portal.

The Pilot Program reflects a change in how companies treat their workforce. Companies can get many benefits for themselves and their workforce. They get them by prioritizing the well-being and growth of their employees. We urge all companies to look into the program’s potential. They should then act to make a better work environment for all. For more info click here

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