Study Permit Restoration And Extension in Canada | Essential Guide

In this essential guide, You will learn about study permit restoration and extension in Canada.

You must renew your study permit before it expires. You must do this to stay longer in Canada as a student and finish your academic program. Make sure you apply before the date shown on your study permit by checking its end date.

It would help if you renewed your study permit to keep your position as a student and study on and off campus in Canada. It is necessary to apply for an extension of your study permit online or on paper before it expires.

Apply for a renewal at least two to three months before your current permit expires. Doing this allows you to stay in Canada under “maintained status.” You can also keep working and studying.

How can I find out when my study permit expires?

Your study permit’s end date says when you must stop studying. It also says when you must leave Canada. You can find the date of your study permit’s end in the document’s upper right corner.

The end date is usually 90 days plus the duration of your educational program. You have the next ninety days to plan your departure from Canada or to stay longer.

When does the 90-day period for holders of study permits start?

The 90-day window opens with:

On that date, your school tells you in an email, letter, or transcript that your program is over. You may use the date the IRCC issued your certificate, degree, or diploma. They will ask your school to confirm the date if you can’t say when your school first contacted you.

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Extending Your Study Permit In Canada

Your existing study permit is expiring soon. You must apply for a new one before it expires. You need the new one to stay longer in Canada as a student.

Use the document checklist and instructions to ensure you have all the required papers. They are for extending your study abroad term.

To keep your position as a student, you must apply early. Do so at least thirty days before your current study permit expires. While processing your application, you can stay in Canada. However, the application acceptance is not assured. Apply from this link.

Application Tips

  • Form for: Changing Conditions, Extending Stay, or Continuing Studies in Canada [IMM5709]
  • O19332746152 is the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number. The first letter of DLI# is “O.” Applicants must enter this number on the study permit forms.
  • If you currently have a Document Number, you can find it on your Study and Work Permit as “Client ID,” according to UCI.” The study/work permits start with a letter (F or U) and are followed by nine numbers.
  • Renew your passport six months before it expires.
  • You’ll have to prove you have the money to pay Canada’s yearly expenses, including tuition.

Restore Your Status In Canada

You must renew your student status if your study permit has expired or if you broke its terms. You must apply for a new study permit. It would help if you had it to regain your temporary resident status in Canada. When submitting your application, check the “Restore my status” box in section 3. Also, include a message explaining why you need to stay longer. The restoration costs $350. It has a $200 repair fee and a $150 permit renewal fee.

You might not be able to get your student status back. You lost it for breaking your study permit’s terms.

Family Members

Your spouse, partner, or dependant children came with you to Canada. They might also need status restoration.

Each family member must apply and pay the restoration fee to regain their status. In conclusion, you must keep your study permit valid. You must obey its requirements, as finishing your education in Canada is vital.

Be sure to extend your study permit or restore your status soon. Do this if it will expire or if you violate its requirements. Remember, you can increase your chances of getting accepted. Do this by applying early and by sending all needed paperwork and fees.

What are other options for remaining in Canada but not as a student? 

Here are your options if you want to stay in Canada but not as a student.

  • Once your studies are over and you meet the requirements, apply. It is for a post-graduate work permit.
  • Apply to change your status and continue to visit Canada or leaving Canada is the last resort.
  • Also, if your study permission expires, if you haven’t asked to have your temporary status extended or restored, you must leave Canada.

Processing time

It takes 95 days to process an application. The time continues from the moment we receive it until we decide. Find out more about the processing time.

Remember, you might not get your student status back if you lose it. You lost it for not meeting your study permit’s requirements. In some circumstances, you may have to leave Canada for a study permit.

In conclusion, you must keep your study permit valid. You must also follow its requirements as it’s important if you want to finish your education in Canada. Renew your study permit or get your status back if it’s about to expire. Or if you violate its requirements.

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