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Canada IEC Round of Invitations 2024 :19,482 Invitations Sent

The International Experience Canada (IEC) program is a gateway for international youth to explore the vibrant opportunities Canada has to offer. The IEC 2024 season has kicked off with a promising start, sending out a staggering 19,482 work permit invitations in the first two rounds of invitations in the weeks ending January 13 and 20, 2024.

IEC Round of Invitations Details

The IEC 2024 season officially began on December 11, 2023. Since then, international youth from qualified countries can submit their profiles to the IEC pool.

There were about 17,000 invites handed out in the category of working holidays. There are presently 33,682 applications in the Working Holiday Pool from 34 different nations.

More than 1,400 invites were sent out to the Young Professional category. 1,100 invites to the International Co-op (internship) category.On December 11, 2023, the IEC 2024 season formally got underway. International youth from eligible nations have since been able to submit their profiles to the IEC pool.

IEC 2024 Working Holiday Program Eligibility

Individuals invited from eligible countries in the Working Holiday category are granted an Open work permit. This open work permit will provides the freedom to engage with almost any firm across Canada.

This category is tailored for you if:

  • You currently do not possess a specific employment offer.
  • Your ambition is to work with multiple employers in Canada.
  • You desire the opportunity to work in various locations, enabling you to earn income

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International Co-op (Internship) Eligibility

The International Co-op (Internship) category grants individuals an employer-specific work visa, catering to those who:

  • Are currently enrolled as post-secondary students and have received a job offer for a work placement or internship in Canada.
  • Are on track to complete their education by fulfilling the requirements of this work placement or internship.
  • Will be committed to working for the same employer in the same location throughout the entire duration of their stay in Canada.

Young Professionals Category Eligibility

The Young Professionals category extends an exclusive opportunity to invited applicants from eligible countries, offering them an employer-specific work visa.

To qualify for this category, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Possess a legitimate job offer from a Canadian firm that holds the potential for professional advancement.
  • Commit to working for the same company in the same location, ensuring a focused and dedicated professional experience.

Check International Experience Canada (IEC) program 2024 Here

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