IEC Draw 2024 | 7,333 Invitations | Canada Working Holiday Visa

On January 26, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) reported 7,333 IEC invites to IEC Draw 2024. There were 171 more invites in the new round than in the previous one. Still, the draws were made during the first week of the year, when they sent out 12,320 invites.

The same nations as the last week sent out the most invites. For the week of January 26, there were 2,791 invites. South Korea had the most requests for the Working Holiday program.

For one more week, Canada came in second. It sent 1,300 invitations to the IEC to UK candidates. They got them via the Working Holiday program. December 11, 2023, marked the official start of the IEC 2024 season. Young people from abroad who qualify have the opportunity to apply.

IEC Draw 2024

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The IEC program allows international youth from more than 30 countries aged 18 to 35 (or in some cases, 18 to 30) to live and work in Canada for up to 24 months. These countries are American, Australian, British, German, Irish, New Zealand and others.

The IEC Draw 2024 season

On January 8, 2024, the 2024 season of International Experience Canada (IEC) began.

As of December 11, 2023, qualified applicants can fulfil the following actions:

Upload a profile: To be eligible for an invitation, upload a profile using your IRCC account. You can use the same account if you already submitted a profile but must establish a new one.

Apply for a work visa: To apply for a work visa, you must first receive an invitation. They send out weekly invitations through a generated lottery mechanism. They will consider you for more invitation rounds the earlier you enter the pool.

Apply for a work permit. Then, you have ten days to say yes or no to an invitation if you get one.

Invitations And quotas for the IEC Draw 2024 season

2024 IEC season updates

South Korea – WH10,0002,7915,4981,8912,069-2,074Excellent
UK – WH9,0001,2836,268858395-736Very Good
France – WH7,0006526,08345017,182277Very low
Japan – WH6,5004574,903407152-233Excellent
Australia – WHn/a3890n/a160-158Excellent
Ireland – WH10,5003309,564228182-85Excellent
Germany – WH4,4902043,72216789-76Excellent
France – IC4,2501442,99112985-27Excellent
Italy – WH1,7501361,29410178-42Excellent
New Zealand – WH2,5001142,215-556-31Excellent
Spain – WH800904497339-31Excellent
Taiwan – WH94090789582,14214Very Low
France – YP2,200901,8346366-11Excellent
Netherlands – WH430711556332-30Excellent
Chile – WH72570624466,460267Very low
Belgium – WH750603895240-6Excellent
Spain — IECX Vives505290-4144Excellent
Czech Republic – WH1,000468294125-10Excellent
Portugal – WH1,750411,5953120-17Excellent
France – VIE1,000269312464-15Excellent
Lithuania – WH1752588138-13Excellent
Hong Kong – WH20025118218-14Excellent
Slovakia – WH315232121711-9Excellent
Sweden – WH58020527145-11Excellent
Poland – WH6351952917130Excellent
Austria – WH1001732148-7Excellent
Denmark – WH35016291158-6Excellent
Australia – YPn/a150n/a5-7Excellent
Latvia – WH401517925-7Fair
Germany – YP350132966168Excellent
Norway – WH135911146-2Excellent
Switzerland – YP200916395-1Excellent
Croatia – WH275925762-5Excellent
Estonia – WH110889660Excellent
Spain – YP120890540Excellent
Czech Republic – YP145896852Excellent
Greece – WH180813973-3Excellent
Costa Rica – WH8076441,48684Very low
Ireland – YP150713725-1Excellent
Greece – YP106121-2Excellent
Netherlands – YP170614321-3Excellent
Costa Rica – YP155731001Very low
Chile – YP2051331572Very low
Norway – YP1541310-2Excellent
Slovenia – WH8047222-2Excellent
Andorra – WH2532020-3Excellent
Germany – IC160313713-2Excellent
Chile – IC52211-1Excellent
Lithuania – YP2021700-1Excellent
Taiwan – YP50240110Excellent
Portugal – IC5024911-1Excellent
Austria – YP60257110Excellent
Sweden – YP10029421-1Excellent
Poland – YP110210210-1Excellent
Norway – IC51500-1Excellent
Slovenia – YP15114010Excellent
Croatia – YP2011800-1Excellent
Slovakia – YP30119221Excellent
Ireland – IC5014010-1Excellent
Switzerland – IC50142010Excellent
UK – IC10000970-3Excellent
UK – YP900008210-35Excellent
Finland – WHTBA00000Excellent
Finland – YPTBA00000Excellent
Finland – ICTBA00000Excellent
Australia – ICn/a00n/a10Excellent
Latvia – IC202000Excellent
Costa Rica – IC505-111Excellent
Croatia – IC505000Excellent
Czech Republic – IC505000Excellent
Estonia – IC505000Excellent
Lithuania – IC505000Excellent
Poland – IC505000Excellent
Slovakia – IC505000Excellent
Slovenia – IC505000Excellent
Latvia – YP808-111Excellent
Taiwan – IC10009-100Excellent
Estonia – YP10010-100Excellent
Luxembourg – YP10010-1000Excellent
Luxembourg – IC10010-1000Excellent
Sweden – IC20020000Excellent
San Marino – WH2502400-1Excellent
Spain – IC30029000Excellent
Luxembourg – WH80078000Excellent
Iceland – WH1200117000Excellent
Portugal – YP2000196-120Excellent
South Korea – IC5000495000Excellent
South Korea – YP1,50001,4170340Excellent
Austria – IC20-2020-100Excellent
Greece – IC10-10010000Excellent
Invitations & quotas for the 2024 IEC season

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